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Nobody is spazzing and drooling over that?? :P LOL

In Membership Week Japanese fanmeeting:

  • ayano_jyj: when JJ get drunk, he become a kisser and lick Junsu’s neck XD
    the reason why JJ lick JS’s neck is…….his neck is soft….

  • The_little_pear: Jaejoong and Yoochun drank together yesterday. Jaejoong got drunk and he wanted to lick Junsu’s neck cos it looked soft (via @Rinmaze)

  • The_little_pear: Junsu: “Before, Jaejoong hyung didn’t get drunk now matter how much he drank. But recently, he gets drunk, he clung to me, kissed e and licked my neck” (via aya_jae)

  • rubypurple_fan: JJ said junsu’s neck smells like baby powder and is soft so he wants to lick it.

  • hellyryther: Q-when do u feel d member is getting old
    Su-before, JJ won’t get drunk when he drinks, but lately, he gets drunk and will hug n kiss and licks his neck

  • The_little_pear: Jaejoong: compared to the world’s famous perfume, scent of Junsu’s pheromones is the best (via @jeje_reico)

Ok...I won't comment on that...ok LOL :3 <3
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