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[fic] Predator and Prey [Ch 1]

Title : Predator and Prey
Chapter : 1
Pairings : Su/Jae and Chun/Min (JaeSu and YooMin), Yunho.
Universe : Uni (Post grads)
Rating : R
Length : Chaptered
Inspired by : yjjyc’s banner and ofcourse, the numerous JaeSu stuff going on (cough chocolatehearts cough)
Summary : Jae has returned to Uni for his masters in business administration. He needs the degree to handle the family business, something he really doesn’t want to do. Changmin, his cousin, is along for the ride. But as the semester progresses, this was not how they imagined uni life would be like. At all.

Banner : made by yjjyc

Oh and Mr. Kim, there is no next time. As they say in baseball, strike three and you are indeed out.

Mods, I need an author tag please.
Tags: length: chaptered, media: fanfic, rating: r
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