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[Complete] Can you save me ?

Title : Can you save me ?
Pairings/Characters : Yoochun/Yunho, JaeSu, Heechul/Kibum, Kangin/Eeteuk.
Type : Romance, Angst, Yakuza and AU.
Genre : Chaptered.
Rating : PG 13-15/First part NC-17
Warnings: Mention of violence ,rape, language.

Summary : Yunho, a popular star of the idol group Heart’s Desire was kidnapped and subsequently raped by rogue members of a gang. Yoochun, the next-in-line to the gang , saves him on an impulse. Can there be anything between a broken idol star and a yakuza
boss ? Jaejoong watches Junsu throw himself on Yoochun and every other guy, but himself. Will Junsu ever look at him ?

All Chapters :

Chapters 1,2, and 3, Chapters 4,5, and 6, Chapters 7,8, and 9, Chapters 10,11, and 12, Chapters 13,14, and 15, Chapters 16,17, and 18, Chapters 19,20, and 21, Chapters 22 and 23
Tags: author: suah, length: chaptered, rating: r
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