☆ ¥XN (lliyk) wrote in jaesoo_love,
☆ ¥XN

[ x ] fic.

title: no magic, no thank you.
author: lliyk.
rating: pg13.
summary: jaejoong has work tomorrow, he just really doesn't have the time.
a/n: cross posted to AO3.

( “finally. and thank you,” the words are pitched weird, somehow still low and rumbly and jaejoong doesn’t know what to make of the curl of whatever the fuck that is it strikes across his spine. “but you must’ve been pretty desperate, with the way you were rubbing.”

“that… um..” jaejoong’s brain hits the gutter automatically, and somewhere in the back of it he’s cursing his bestfriend yoochun for making him this way.

“jeans,” he ends up blurting, offended.
Tags: media: fanfic, rating: pg-13
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