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[fic] Even though I already know

[fic] Even though I already know
Words : 4633 (long oneshot)
Pairing : Jaesu - Jaejoong (Piero de'Medici)/Junsu (Giovanni de'Salviati).
Genre : Historical, and somewhat accurate and centered around the Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478, which involved the families of de'Medici and de'Pazzi. Set in Venice and to some extent, Florence and Tuscany. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pazzi_conspiracy
Warnings : Mentions of non-con/rape.
Rating : NC-17

Prompted by and prompt : songbird52317 - I picture him in Venice of the Medici's. There's intrigue of some kind. Jaejoong (who is of a powerful family, perhaps of the Medici's himself) sees Junsu and wants him. And maybe that's Junsu's intention. Perhaps sex is the price of the favor Junsu needs to accomplish his mission (whatever his mission is -- could be trade, could be rescue, could be spying). Perhaps the connection is more intense/deeper than they intend. I figure if Junsu gets found out by the authorities, it's torture and death. And Jaejoong could turn him in at a whim and be fine himself.

Excerpt : "In exchange for my soul ?" Junsu laughed bitterly.
"In exchange for ....services, shall we say ? You intrigue me, Giovanni, or should I say Junsu ? I want to see what Caterina saw, taste what she...tasted." Jaejoong extended a hand, and Junsu jerked away, glaring at him.

Even though I already know
Tags: author: suah, length: oneshot/drabble, rating: nc-17
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