[Fic] Reality Rewind...

Author: lammyellaxxx
Title: Reality Rewind...
Pairing: Jaesu, Yoosu
Rating: R (for violent themes and language)
Genre: Angst, Romance, Violence
Length: 5/?? (w/c 1458)
Summary: Loyalties are questioned and left hanging amidst a fight where two of Korea’s most notorious gangs are determined to beat each other to the top…but is either really willing to risk everything in order to get there, especially when their weaknesses are exposed and love gets in the way…

Warnings: (Future character deaths) Somewhat different compared to what I’ve written so far…It’s darker and a tad more serious! Hehe (Expect lots of failure ok!!!) The chapters sometimes alternates between the past and the present, so please take note. If confused, I’m more than happy to explain. Should be pretty obvious though!Hehe

A/N: anyone remember this?? No??...thought so. T_T Super sorry for the absence anyway.^^ (All chapters in this fic are unlocked again, so feel free to roam!^^
Edit: oops! I forgot to unlock it. It's OPEN!!!

Part 1: Calm before the storm...
Part 2: Guilty in love...
Part 3: D-Day...
Part 4: Re-opening Pandora's box...
Part 5: Lost and Found...

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Jae Glasses

Sexy Bookworms & Naughty Seniors 2/2

Sexy Bookworms & Naughty Seniors
Pairing: JaeSu
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, School Life
Warning: Um... intense blowjobs and careless blasphemy
Summary: Junsu is a goody-two-shoes, invisible bookworm with no interests other than passing his exams. But he recently had a revelation. He may be gay. But he doesn't know what that means. On a 4D whim he decides to go to a gay club. Thinking that maybe he can get some answers. However he doesn't just walk in to any gay club. This club is kind of ... special.

Part 2
Jae Glasses

Come Back to Me

Title: Come Back to Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: JaeSu
Genre: Angst
Summary:  JYJ and HoMin are on speaking terms again. But Yoochun is acting weird and something is bothering Jaejoong. What is Junsu to do?

And while self doubt motivated the older man to pursue, challenge and constantly strive to perfect his passions, it also caused him to build up walls that separated him from everyone else; isolated in a state of loneliness and misunderstandings.